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One year ago I created Arts And Crafts Expo because many vendors I have worked with through other promoters asked me to create shows. On Jan 27th and 28th 2018 the first show for Arts And Crafts Expo was run and was very successful. The show was not ran like a 'normal' arts and crafts show as when I created these shows I decided it would be all about the vendors. This concept has served us all very well the entire year.

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Free TV's and Free Booths was given away to many vendors. Cash prizes was given away to attendees and vendors. Amazing premium raffles with prizes totaling from one show was worth $2,000. Through the premium raffles we have raised a lot of money for C.A.T.S., Inc. Many vendors have made 3, 4, and yes even 6 times their booth fees from these 'small' shows. The treasure bags introduction was a huge success for vendors. Longer event times have proven to be very successful as many times we could not close until 8pm. Arts And Crafts Expo has always and will continue to offer the lowest cost booths in the industry.

Not every show was a huge success and 'IF' all promoters would be honest they would admit the same. Arts And Crafts Expo was created with 2 purposes in mind - To be more than just another craft show and to be all about the vendor. This statement has rung true throughout this entire year and will continue into 2019. 2019 will bring many new ideas through advanced technology that will help vendors even more than this year. In the new year you will see Arts And Crafts Expo expand on it's original ideas that will help vendors to become even more successful. The success of a show is not in how many vendors or handcraft businesses you have or how many attendees come through the doors - it is through how much the vendors have benefited.

We will revolutionize the Arts And Crafts World - Advanced technology and expansion is coming in 2019. Only question you have to ask yourself now is - Will You Be A Part Of This Revolution Or Not?

Arts And Crafts Expo - More Than Just Another Craft Show, Because It's All About The Vendor! Jan 2019 we introduced the First fully automated raffle system that uses advanced technology and smart A.I.

Arts And Crafts Expo Vegas Events And More going deep into 2019 to help the vendors!

Arts and Craft Expo is in no way, shape, or form associated with LV Craft Shows or Vegas Events And More. We certainly will use the keywords for rankings though :)

Below are images from our previous Arts And Crafts Expo shows. Vegas Events And We Offer More create well organized shows and events that also offer amazing gifts, kids play area and free raffles at our favorite venue, Sunset Station Hotel & Casino. Beautiful creations by local artists, arts and crafts, direct sellers for clothing, beauty items, handcrafted jewelry and more. Arts And Crafts Expo supports several NonProfits at each of our shows. More to be posted later!

vegas events and more arts crafts expo gloria jeans designs

Gloria Jeans Designs

Arts And Crafts Expo Las Vegas Gloria Jeans Designs booth setup - Gloria Jeans Designs is a leading jewelry company known for having great looking vegas bling. Get your jewelry here!

vegas events and more arts crafts expo pink zebra

Pink Zebra Booth Setup

Arts And Crafts Expo Las Vegas Pink Zebra booth setup - Pink Zebra allows you to personalize your fragrance through our unique product line to enhance the smell of your home.

vegas events and more arts crafts expo avon

Avon Booth Setup

Arts And Crafts Expo Las Vegas Avon booth setup - Avon offers amzing products in the beauty, household, and personal care categories. Skin So Soft, Therapy and more.

vegas events and more arts crafts expo keys kreation

Keys Kreation Booth Setup

Arts And Crafts Expo Las Vegas Keys Kreation booth setup - Keys Kreation offers amazing hand made candles in a variety of scents and sizes along with bath products.

vegas events and more arts crafts expo posh

Posh Booth Setup

Arts And Crafts Expo Las Vegas Posh booth setup - Posh offers Pampering products made in the USA for women and men both. All products are gentle with natural ingredients.

vegas events and more arts crafts expo hand crafts

Hand Crafts Booth Setup

Arts And Crafts Expo Las Vegas Hand Crafts booth setup - Hand Crafts offers fantastic embroidery items from shirts to kitchen towels to hats and more. Chuck and Gale, awesome vendors.