A ittle bit of everything for everyone at our Free Admission Arts And Crafts Expo in Las Vegas! All vendor types are welcome - home crafters, direct sellers, network marketers, commercial vendors, artisans, small business, and MLM companies.

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Fall Fest September 2019 At Sunset Station Hotel & Casino. Fall Fest - It's that time of year again when we celebrate fall time. Support the many small and Local Businesses that keeps our community going. Find some amazing gifts for your loved ones!

View all the Las Vegas Arts And Crafts Expos going on throughout the year. Amazing and unique shows tailored for the best vendor, shopping, and social experience.

Attendees can view more information about our Arts And Crafts shows on the LV Craft Shows page.

Amazing Vendor Opportunities

Vendors reserve/book your spot in an upcoming Las Vegas Arts And Crafts Expo. We offer a special and unique shows that are designed for maximum sales potential for Local Las Vegas Small Businesses.

Whether you are just starting out in your business or a seasoned vendor; Arts And Crafts Expo has an opportunity for your brand to reach out to the community.
Take advantage of our marketing to get your products into the local community. Want more info on becoming a vendor? Connect with us today!

Fun FREE Raffles For All

Attendees FREE ADMISSION: Free Random raffles for all attendees through-out the entire day. These raffles include amazing products and gift items from all our local small business vendors. Signup at the door for our free raffles!

Vendors: All paid vendors and local businesses qualify for our special vendor only raffle. Around 6:30pm a special vendor raffle will be held to give away some awesome prizes. Prizes vary per show. Sometimes it's a free booth or even a free TV. Vendors can learn more by viewing our Faq's Page.


Standard booths include table, linen covered and skirted, 2 chairs, and electricity. Arts And Crafts Expo is proud to introduce Free Admission shows that offer all day shopping with fun free raffles. Pre-Show activity includes 100% free business consultation for all vendors. Arts And Crafts Expo - Free Admission - Shopping - 10am to 7pm - Pre-Show Business Help - Contest & Entertainment - Social Networking Opportunities - Supporting Local Businesses and Local Non Profits

Vendor Benefits: Vendor Only Raffles - Longer Event Times - 2 Day Shows Sat & Sun - Vendor Only Special Gifts - Social Atmosphere - More Attendees - Free Business Consultation - Signage All Around - Fast & Easy Load-Ins - And So Much More!

November Craft Show

Starts at $125

Support Locals 2 Day Show

Free Consultations 9am to 10am

Shopping 10am to 7pm

November 9 & 10

Sunset Station Hotel & Casino

Pre Christmas Show

Starts at $125.00

2 Day Show

Free Consultations 9am to 10am

Shopping 10am to 7pm

December 7 & 8

Sunset Station Hotel & Casino


Arts And Crafts Expo proudly supports the Las Vegas community, NonProfit Organizations, and Local Businesses.

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